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All Salesforce certification.

All Salesforce Certification Exams

DEV-501 Questions Answers Certified Advanced Developer Q&As: 239 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
ADM-201 Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI23) Q&As: 248 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
ADM-211 Questions Answers Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin Q&As: 379 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
DEV-401 Questions Answers Building Applications with and Visualforce Q&As: 386 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Sales-Cloud-Consultant Questions Answers Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant (WI23) Q&As: 235 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CPQ-201 Questions Answers Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for New Administrators Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CPQ-211 Questions Answers Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for Experienced Administrators Q&As: 243 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
PDT-101 Questions Answers Essentials of Pardot for Digital Marketers Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
EEB-101 Questions Answers Essentials for Marketing Cloud Email Marketers Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
EML-101 Questions Answers Content Builder Essentials for the Digital Marketer Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
JB-101 Questions Answers Journey Builder 101 Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
MCC-201 Questions Answers Marketing Cloud Connect Essentials Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
SS-101 Questions Answers Markting Cloud Social Studio Exam Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
DEV402 Questions Answers Declarative Development for Platform App Builders Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CRT-402 Questions Answers Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder Q&As: 107 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
ADM-261 Questions Answers Service Cloud Administration (WI23) Q&As: 355 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
FSL-201 Questions Answers Salesforce - Implementing Field Service Lightning Q&As: 105 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CRT-251 Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant (WI23) Q&As: 197 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CRT-450 Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I (WI23) Q&As: 147 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist (WI23) Q&As: 152 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Service-Cloud-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Service cloud consultant (WI23) Q&As: 150 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CRT-261 Questions Answers Certification Preparation for Service Cloud Consultant Q&As: 65 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Advanced-Administrator Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (WI23) Q&As: 234 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Community-Cloud-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant (WI23) Q&As: 285 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CRT-271 Questions Answers Certification Preparation For Community Cloud Consultants Q&As: 294 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Mobile-Solutions-Architecture-Designer Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer (WI23) Q&As: 85 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
PDI Questions Answers Platform Developer I (WI23) Q&As: 147 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
PDII Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (WI23) Q&As: 137 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Platform-App-Builder Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder (WI23) Q&As: 234 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam (WI23) Q&As: 129 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CRT-550 Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Q&As: 96 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
B2C-Commerce-Developer Questions Answers Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer (WI23) Q&As: 207 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Pardot-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant (WI23) Q&As: 257 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Marketing-Cloud-Developer Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer (WI23) Q&As: 197 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Marketing-Cloud-Administrator Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator (WI23) Q&As: 165 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant (WI23) Q&As: 270 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CPQ-Specialist Questions Answers Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist (WI23) Q&As: 174 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Pardot-Specialist Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist (WI23) Q&As: 258 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Education-Cloud-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam (WI23) Q&As: 120 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
B2B-Commerce-Developer Questions Answers Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Developer (WI23) Q&As: 79 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
B2B-Commerce-Administrator Questions Answers Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator (WI23) Q&As: 145 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
JavaScript-Developer-I Questions Answers Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I (WI23) Q&As: 224 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
B2C-Solution-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect (WI23) Q&As: 60 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
OmniStudio-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultant Exam (WI23) Q&As: 109 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Tableau-CRM-and-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Tableau CRM Einstein Discovery Consultant (WI23) Q&As: 211 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
OmniStudio-Developer Questions Answers Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer (WI23) Q&As: 86 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Experience-Cloud-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant (WI23) Q&As: 167 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
User-Experience-Designer Questions Answers Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer (WI23) Q&As: 128 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Industries-CPQ-Developer Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer (WI23) Q&As: 324 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
B2C-Commerce-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect (WI23) Q&As: 65 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Customer-Data-Platform Questions Answers Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) Exam (WI23) Q&As: 201 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
ADX261 Questions Answers Administer and Maintain Service Cloud Exam Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Interaction-Studio-Accredited-Professional Questions Answers Salesforce Interaction Studio Accredited Professional Exam (WI23) Q&As: 76 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Health-Cloud-Accredited-Professional Questions Answers Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional (WI23) Q&As: 127 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Consumer-Goods-Cloud-Accredited-Professional Questions Answers Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Accredited Professional Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Revenue-Cloud-Consultant-Accredited-Professional Questions Answers Salesforce Revenue Cloud Consultant Accredited Professional Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Certified-Business-Analyst Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam (WI23) Q&As: 253 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Certified-Strategy-Designer Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer Exam Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Einstein-Next-Best-Action Questions Answers Einstein Next Best Action Accredited Professional Exam Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Einstein-Prediction-Builder Questions Answers Einstein Prediction Builder Accredited Professional Exam Q&As: 0 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
201-Commercial-Banking-Functional Questions Answers SalesforcenCino 201 Commercial Banking Functional Exam Q&As: 169 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Financial-Services-Cloud Questions Answers Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) Accredited Professional (AP) exam Q&As: 65 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect (WI23) Q&As: 235 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Heroku-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Heroku Architect (WI23) Q&As: 184 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Data-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Data Architect (WI23) Q&As: 222 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Development-Lifecycle-and-Deployment-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect (WI23) Q&As: 227 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Field-Service-Consultant Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Field Service Consultant (WI23) Q&As: 139 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Identity-and-Access-Management-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Architect (WI23) Q&As: 247 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Integration-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Integration Architect (WI23) Q&As: 106 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Advanced-Cross-Channel Questions Answers Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional Exam Q&As: 40 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
B2B-Solution-Architect Questions Answers Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam (WI23) Q&As: 112 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Marketing-Cloud-Personalization Questions Answers Marketing Cloud Personalization Accredited Professional Exam Q&As: 88 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Process-Automation Questions Answers Salesforce Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam Q&As: 60 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Salesforce-Associate Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Associate Exam (WI23) Q&As: 113 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Salesforce-Certified-Administrator Questions Answers Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam (WI23) Q&As: 246 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
CRT-211 Questions Answers Prepare for your Advanced Administrator Certification Exam Q&As: 234 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Manufacturing-Cloud-Professional Questions Answers Manufacturing Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Q&As: 69 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Security-and-Privacy-Accredited-Professional Questions Answers Salesforce Security & Privacy Accredited Professional Exam Q&As: 106 Updated: 01-Mar-2023
Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud Questions Answers Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Q&As: 45 Updated: 16-Mar-2023

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